Friday, June 23, 2017
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AN initiative to encourage social development through sport has molded a partnership between the Zimbabwe Softball Association (ZSA), Generations for Peace and Chiedza Child Care Centre, which saw orphans being taught life skills through Softball yesterday at Prince Edward School.

The softball association has been trying to make inroads in building the popularity of the sport using a social responsibility approach.

“We are trying to revamp the popularity of Softball by starting with the marginalized children who in most cases are overlooked in sports because they do not have the required resources to play the sport.

“As ZSA we inherited Generations for Peace’s “Education through Sport” concept which is why we have picked Chiedza as our focal point to kick start this project,” said Mubuso Matanga, the head coach of the women’s national team.

“Education through Sport” is a social responsibility concept in which various aspects of a sport are used to impart life skills and to overcome conflict in the life of orphaned and vulnerable children.

“Most of the children we work with at Chiedza are either orphaned or they come from conflicted families so they do not know what love is…they also lack discipline because of their background.

The atmosphere on the softball field will develop a sense of belonging and instill discipline in them which is what we require of them,” said Daphne Mawunge, a matron at Chiedza and a Generations for Peace pioneer.

Matanga also highlighted that the child care centre will benefit from ZSA’s sponsored walk to raise AIDS awareness.

“Within the next two months we are going to have an AIDS awareness walk from Rugare through Warren Park to Kambuzuma where there will be a demonstration match at Wadzanai Primary School.

“All the surrounding schools will be invited to this event and all the proceeds will go to Chiedza Child Care centre,” said Matanga.

There are also plans to include a team from Chiedza in the softball league which is to be introduced in March this year.

“There are children at Chiedza who have outgrown the home but have nowhere to go, we are going to work with them and try to incorporate them in our league so that they can have something do in life,” Matanga said.

Mawunge concurred with this as she said, “We always want our children to find something they are good at and master it.”

Chiedza Child Care Centre is a home based in Ardbennie which deals with orphaned and vulnerable children in Mbare, Sunningdale, Ardbennie and Waterfalls.

By Prisiel Samu

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